Past Event


Wed 11 Feb 2015

Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s visionary novel Fahrenheit 451, this incendiary outdoor performance recounts the story of a society in which books are banned and firemen are employed to burn them. Bradbury’s classic text has proven prophetic, reflected in the rise of the ipad, surveillance, interactive media, the televised pursuit of fugitives, and the continuing radical power of the written word.

451 combines immersive sound and sensory theatre to depict a dystopic society where literature is outlawed and acts of violence are rewarded. As we witness a rise in monitoring and attacks on freedom of expression we might even believe that there could be a future where books may once again hold a secret knowledge…

‘Arquiem (Brighton Festival 2008) is a piece crackling with dark energy and many stunning visual moments… Periplum prove that outdoor theatre is an appropriate medium for dark and thought-provoking work to chilling effect on the senses. Beautifully written and performed.’ Total Theatre

‘One of the best al fresco productions of the year’ The Independent on The Bell (Brighton Festival 2008)

Please note that 451 contains lighting and strobe effects. Dogs are not allowed at this performance. There is no parking, so please travel by bus. Click here for more information on buses