Past Event

Ear Trumpet

Wed 11 Feb 2015

A rich seam of music has been discovered flowing through a geological fault line deep beneath Brighton. Eons-worth of sound, ancient and modern, is harmonically bound together, trapped inside primeval rocks, and occasionally it bubbles up and erupts to the surface. To hear it properly, however, you’ll need to use a series of elaborate ear trumpets created from gramophone horns, converted euphoniums and brass instruments; listening devices which make the barely audible sound loud and clear as if by magic.

Ear Trumpet is about listening. It’s about the sound under the ground, the noises that you would miss if you didn’t listen for them. Oozing with whimsy, this playful installation features original music recorded ‘in the field’ by the musician and composer Robert Lee. 

 This is an experiential event that takes place over a period of time, so please drop in at any time during the site opening times 12 - 2pm or 3 - 5pm