Louder than Words
Past Event

Without Walls Weekend: An Introduction

Wed 11 Feb 2015

Sun 3 May, 12 noon - 5pm, Woodingdean Central Park
Mon 4 May, 12 noon - 5pm, Saltdean Oval

12 noon -12.30pm                  Hold On (Stage 2)
12.30 -12.55pm                       Louder than Words (Stage 2)
1.15 -1.45pm                           8 Songs (Stage 1)
2 - 2.20pm                                Bill & Bobby (Stage 1)
2.30 - 3pm                                Hold On (Stage 2)
3 - 3.25pm                                Louder than Words (Stage 1)
3.45 - 4.05pm                          Bill & Bobby (Stage 1)
4.30 - 5pm                                8 Songs (Stage 1)


Reliquary 12 noon - 5pm (3 x 40 mins)
BEES! The Colony 12 noon - 5pm (2x 90 mins)

BEES ! The Colony


‘...everything that is good and right in street theatre.’ Total Theatre Magazine on Artizani

Buzzing with panache and imagination, this combination of walkabout performance and installation engages all the senses as it investigates the complex relationship humans have with bees.

Two devotees of the esteemed bee process a deluxe hive with the greatest care and ceremony before calling you forward to hear, feel, smell, taste and – if you dare – put your eye up to the hive and See the Bee! There’s a hilarious sting in the tail to this promenade experience.

On a larger scale, an installation of six hives hides a unique interior world. Wander amongst the honey-perfumed colony and discover various ways of viewing and interacting with the unique worlds inside the hives. Each contains a surprising conceptual twist that challenges, charms and confounds expectations


Avanti Display

A bejewelled casket makes its enigmatic way around Brighton. What on earth can be inside? Well, stand ready, people for we have discovered a new species and preserved its last egg, and it’s about to – no, that could never happen! Could it?

Will you be among the lucky few to be invited to peep inside the casket? What will you hear through the specially attached headphones? Serious and seriously funny, Reliquary combines surrealism, spectacle and surprise.

‘precise physical based performance and solid artistic content’ Total Theatre MagazineSupported by Without Walls and Arts Council England

Hold On

Devised and performed by Stefano Di Renzo

Outside eye by Tina Koch
Music by Gabriele Pierro
One person, one system; each governed by the other. Hold On explores the relationship between the performer and the system that is both his stage and his means of expression.

Using a self-counterweighted slack rope as the starting point of an eloquent theatrical language, Stefano Di Renzo blends circus and physical theatre, creating a mesmeric solo show. He is an intrinsic part of the entire structure and holds it up, but if he wants to leave he will fall…

Stefano Di Renzo is a charming performer. Assuredly physically accomplished but always emotionally engaging 

Commissioned by Without Walls, Co-Comissioned by Circulate project. Supported by EspaceCatastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE), Watermans Arts Centre and Lab:time Commissioned by Without Walls

Bill & Bobby

Stopgap Dance Company
Danced and devised by Lucy Bennett and David Toole

Lucy Bennett and David Toole channel the magic and the magnetism of the screen’s greatest dance duo in tribute to the star partnership of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Bill & Bobby is inspired by the Art Deco sophistication of the 1930s, and particularly by the film classic Swing Time..

Stopgap Dance is at the forefront of producing works devised by disabled and non-disabled artists. Fred Astaire practically defined our perception of popular dance, and like him, the disabled dancer David Toole has changed the landscape of dance through works such as DV8’s The Cost of Living.

Bill & Bobby is an invigorating showcase for his expressive physicality and unique dance language.

Commissioned by Without Walls and Winchester Hat Fair. Co-Commissioned by The National Theatre's Watch This Space Festival. Supported by University of Surrey

8 Songs

Gandini Juggling

A huge hit at Brighton Festival 2012 with Smashed, Gandini Juggling makes a welcome return with a brand new show that promises to push the art of juggling to new heights, in true Gandini style. An outdoor performance that will appeal to the whole family, this tribute to the mythical landscape of popular music features a series of choreographed juggling vignettes set to eight classic rock ’n’ roll songs.

From Bob Dylan’s stream of consciousness to the Velvet Underground’s troubling landscapes, and from David Bowie’s soulful escapades to the rocking Rolling Stones’ anthemic joie de vivre, the music sets the scene for the breathtaking feats of dexterity and theatricality that have placed Gandini Juggling at the vanguard of contemporary circus for two decades.

‘When it comes to juggling, the Gandinis pip everyone else.’ The GuardianCommissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

Louder than Words

Cathy Waller CompanyCommissioned by Brighton Festival

In this brand new, explosive and dynamic work, two dancers compete, test and outdo each other while being challenged by the multiple instruments and percussion played live alongside them. As the powerful, beat-heavy sound intensifies, all the performers are drawn into a competition between movement and music, striving to outshine each other in a vigorous and vibrant display.

Winner of the London Dance Award in 2012, Cathy Waller creates intensely physical works that show contemporary dance with underlying influences from hip hop and capoeira. Hers is an exhilarating brand of performance, in which movement and live music push each other to the outer boundaries of excitement and intricacy.

‘Cathy Waller has established herself as one of the most exciting choreographers to watch out for.’ Hakeem Onibudo, British Council.

Co-commissioned with Without Walls