Past Event

Fragments - Volume I

Wed 11 Feb 2015

A vital presence on the North American and European dance scene and artistic collaborator for Lorin Maazel Opera's 1984 (Royal Opera House), Sylvain Émard cultivates a powerful and physical choreographic style, with a repertoire of more than 30 dance pieces.

In this captivating collage of short pieces (solos and duets), Émard captures the distinctive worlds of four performers: seasoned actress Monique Miller and dancers Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Manuel Roque and Kimberley de Jong. Contrasting Miller’s authentic, minimalist gestures against the dancers’ raw energy and wild abandon, this montage of miniatures pushes, picks and pulls at the complexities and vulnerabilities of the individuals on show. His intense and surprising piece weaves an exhilarating patchwork of fragments, each inspired by the personalities, preoccupations and dreams of his muses, placing the dancer at the very heart of creation.