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Sun 1 Jan 2012

Open dialogue is the key to a healthy, cohesive society, but some fear the disruptive, dangerous potential of truly free speech. Inspired by themes of DV8’s show Can We Talk About This? (see Dance), the event presents an interactive conversation about how, when and why we censor ourselves. Chaired by Kenan Malik, author of From Fatwa to Jihad and regular guest on The Moral Maze, the discussion moves between panellists - DV8 choreographer and director Lloyd Newson, activist, author and broadcaster Maryam Namazie and Professor Jeremy Waldron - professor of law and philosophy at the New York University School of Law and Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at All Souls College, Oxford University, Rabbi Elli Sarah, Tahmina Saleem and the audience using electronic polling terminals, with poll results screened live.

In association with Free Word