Lou Reed Drones at Brighton Festival
Past Event
Visual Arts

Lou Reed Drones

Thu 11 Feb 2016

Both Lou Reed and John Cale instinctively knew the power of drones. In 1975, Reed played out that drone music on Metal Machine Music, an album credited with laying the foundation for the industrial and noise rock genres.

Lou Reed Drones is an installation of his guitars and amps in feedback mode: 24 strings set in motion from the push of magnetically driven cones; 360 partial harmonics colliding against each other, cascading, uniting, elevating, rising up like New York skyscrapers along the Hudson.

Introducing gain and sculpting sonic frequencies, a feedback loop is created with each guitar and its respective amplifier. Their overlapping harmonic structures produce pseudo-acoustic notes in which a beating sensation is then set in motion. Lou Reed Drones is a visceral, emotional and spiritual experience.

People attending this installation will be exposed to loud noise and are advised to use ear protection.

An Invitation from Brighton Festival to Brighton Artists and practitioners to participate in a series of Happenings that will take place during the Lou Reed Drones project. The Happenings will take place between the hours of 2 - 4pm, 13th–17th May 2016. Find out more...

Find out more about this event in this interview with Stewart Hurwood, long-time guitar tech for Lou Reed, and creator of Lou Reed Drones