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Underworld & Look At Me Now, Mummy

Wed 11 Feb 2015

' ….a dark and smoky dreamworld….Superb performances’ **** The Guardian, March 2015
‘Contemporary dance fans should beat a path to her door.’ **** The Observer, March 2015

Brighton Festival Associate Company Vincent Dance Theatre brings exclusive durational versions of two acclaimed works Underworld and Look At Me Now, Mummy to Brighton Festival.

UnderworldTrapped in an airless, dusty land of the living dead Underworld is Vincent’s darkly haunting take on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.

Eight athletic performers engage in a series of disconcerting, relentless rituals and beautiful vignettes to form constantly shifting, visually striking cinematographic images, formed with 150 chapel chairs and accompanied by a stunning soundtrack of rushing rivers, church bells and faint children’s voices by internationally renowned composer Gavin Bryars.

This 4 hour 45 min looped version of Underworld was conceived as much as a piece of visual art as a piece of dance, with audiences being encouraged to come and go over an extended period to see its striking images and interwoven stories shift and change each time you re-enter the space.

‘Vincent choreographs with such a specific attention to gesture, atmosphere and motive…a fully imagined world.The Observer

Audiences can arrive, leave and return to Underworld at any point, moving between the Corn Exchange and the adjacent foyer space to take in a 4 hour durational version of VDT’s comi-tragic one-woman show Look At Me Now, Mummy.

Look At Me Now, Mummy

Set in a disheveled and chaotic kitchen, Look At Me Now, Mummy is an intimate, funny and moving portrait of a mother’s desire to look the part, whilst not really knowing what part it is that she is supposed to be playing. It’s about trial and error and theatrical failure, with a baby always crying somewhere in the distance.

‘(Charlotte Vincent is) of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today.’ **** The Observer

Underworld and Look At Me Now, Mummy form part of 21 Years/21 Works, a live and on line collection of choreographer/director Charlotte Vincent’s film & production work from 1994-2015 – for more details visit

To book Underworld only see here
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Underworld was originally created with Phoenix Dance Theatre as part of Yorkshire’s Artists Taking the Lead for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, curated by the Quay Brothers. Originally funded by Arts Council England and commissioned by Leeds Canvas: Northern Ballet, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Opera North, Yorkshire Dance, Phoenix Dance, Leeds Museums & Galleries and Leeds Metropolitan Gallery & Studio Theatre. Look At Me Now, Mummy was originally co-commissioned by Danceworks UK, The Point Eastleigh, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham and The Tron Theatre, Glasgow and funded by Arts Council England.