Past Event


Sat 1 Feb 2014

Three pianos, 264 keys - but only two hands: the German pianist and composer Hauschka has devised a new performance for grand piano and two player pianos especially for Brighton Festival. Inspired by innovators such as John Cage and Aphex Twin, Hauschka is noted for his compelling live shows that reimagine the expressive possibilities of the piano through an array of imaginative ‘preparations’ on its internal mechanisms. Applying a range of objects and materials to the strings – anything from paper to ping-pong balls, necklaces to bottle tops – transforms the piano’s sound; as they are added or removed, we are encouraged to re-evaluate the instrument’s sonic properties and our own perceptions of what piano music can be. In this concert Hauschka will be backed by two selfplaying Disklavier pianos (a contemporary incarnation of the pianola) to form a disembodied trio that will bend to his will, performing pieces from his new album, Abandoned City, alongside improvised material. This is a rare opportunity to explore the imaginary landscapes and spontaneous lyricism of a unique composer, and share in his ongoing romance with the piano.

This event will be live streamed. Watch Hauschka here.