Past Event


Tue 5 Feb 2019

Two performers become your guides, leading you on a journey deep into subterranean caves, through leafy forests and high into the starry night sky. Adults become little and children become great in an interactive imaginary world of ever-changing proportions. Incorporating animated hand-drawn projection, dance, sound, text and digital objects, Curiouser immerses you in an intimate yet spectacular experience. 

A unique collaboration between UK-based Flexer & Sandiland and Norwegian company Dybwikdans, the show is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and invites curious minds to look at the world from a different perspective.

Post-show discussion | Free

Yael Flexer and Nic Sandliand creaters of Curiouser will be joined by David Gilbert and Andrew McCaldon, director and writer of Brighton Festival’s new commission Another Star to Steer By (Brighthelm Centre 25 & 26 May) for an informal discussion about the excitement and challenges of creating new work for young people.