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Classical Music

Captain Blood’s Revenge: A Pirate Opera

Fri 15 Feb 2013

Lynne PlowmanMartin Riley

Bold, boisterous and bags of fun, Captain Blood’s Revenge combines adventure, mystery and a bit of spookiness in a tale of buccaneering high jinks that we can all join in.

As if Salty Sue doesn’t have enough to cope with as landlady of The Blasted Bilge Rat, a rowdy harbourside inn, her daughter Pegatty is a real piratical handful and Pegatty’s father, the fearsome former pirate Billy Bone, has vanished on a dangerous quest. No wonder Sue would rather swap the high seas for the high Cs in her secret ambition to be a singer. The rollicking regulars at Sue’s inn include a band of mariner musicians, an evil-looking sailor with a knife in his back – and us, the audience.

This new opera from Glyndebourne is followed by a post-performance ‘Pirate Parade’ to which you’re all invited. Everyone is welcome to come dressed as their favourite sea dog, but you are requested to leave all cutlasses, blunderbusses and other weapons at home.

Post show talk with illustrator Jan Pienkowski (Meg and Mog, Haunted House) in conversation with Michael Rosen on Fri 24 May, 7.30pm (free but ticketed).