Past Event
Classical Music

Les chansons instrumentales: part 2

Fri 15 Feb 2013

James Baillieu piano
Philip Higham cello
Adam Newman Viola
Adam Walker flute
Bartosz Woroch violin

Poulenc Cello Sonata
Flute Sonata

Variations sur un thème de Mozart 
Danse pour une déesse
Piano Quartet

The second concert in James Baillieu’s exploration of the work of François Poulenc and Reynaldo Hahn turns from songs to orchestral chamber music, as James is joined by three other leading instrumentalists from the Young Classical Artists Trust.

Perhaps nostalgia is a theme of these chamber works. Poulenc’s Cello Sonata draws on classical and Baroque styles; and while Hahn’s fresh and unpretentious style remained true to 19th-century Romanticism, his music redolent of his Belle Epoque heyday right up until his death in 1947. While the Flute Sonata is one of Poulenc’s most popular works, the rest of this programme provides an opportunity to explore the delightful but lesser-known repertory of early 20th-century chamber music.

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