Past Event


Tue 7 Feb 2017

Summit is the innovative new play by award-winning theatre maker Andy Smith. You may know  Andy for his trademark down-to-earth style and his collaborations with Tim Crouch on shows such as: Adler & Gibb, The Author, An Oak Tree and what happens to the hope at the end of the evening

Summit tells the story of a meeting. A meeting organised to discuss and resolve a potentially catastrophic situation. Our situation.

Performed by a cast of three in three different languages - English, British Sign Language and Farsi - Summit is a thought-provoking exploration of rhetoric, diversity and how we communicate.

Read interview: Andy Smith gives us an insight into the creative process

Watch a BSL introduction to Summit by performer Stephen Collins:

Fuel’s Theatre Club

Join theatre and pop critic Maddy Costa after the show on Tue 9 May for a conversation about the play and what it got you thinking. BSL interpreted.