Past Event

The Unfair

Wed 8 Feb 2017

Due to the theft of their equipment, The Unfair will no longer be taking place this weekend. Brighton Festival apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Conceived and created by Ellie Harrison with Bethany Wells and Adam Young for The Grief Series

There is plenty to be angry about in the world today, but what do we do with our anger, and is it useful? Anger can be destructive, but can it also be a source for positive change?

The Unfair is a fairground arcade filled with a range of games and stalls that playfully explores how we can handle our anger and provides a chance for the whole family to let off steam. You can play a game of Angry Jenga; sit on the Throne of Resentment for a period of reflection; or simply get it all off your chest with the Angry Karaoke singalong.

The Bottle It Up Bar is on hand to bottle your anger and dispense a comforting cuppa, and once you’ve vented you can retreat to a quiet space to Wipe the Slate Clean. Simmering rage has never been such fun!

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Supported by Arts Council England