Past Event


Tue 7 Feb 2017

Take part and transform Brighton Beach into the biggest canvas in town!

The artist duo Walter & Zoniel invites visitors to cast multi-coloured stones onto the beach to create a vast rainbow of vibrant pebbles, each one colour-coded to represent a different artistic view. As a myriad of opinion mounts up, the beach gradually represents the diversity of creativity and outlook that powers cultural debate.

Walter & Zoniel finds playful and engaging ways to look at perception and inclusivity in the art world. Join them for this interactive creation or see the accumulating artwork alter and shift as the weather and human interaction impact on the rainbow of pebbles.

Part-performance, part-installation, SPECTRA:CAST is an artwork for all that allows everyone to make their mark.

Find out more about what's in store. Read our interview with Walter & Zoniel.