Past Event

Five Short Blasts

Mon 6 Feb 2017

Due to tidal complications at Shoreham Harbour we have had to make the decision to up anchor, head east and relocate the show to Brighton Marina. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Text: Tony Birch, Tim Crouch & Julia Crouch
Collaborators: Bindi Green, Joseph O'Farrell, Bec Reid & Valerie Furnham

The international maritime warning sound signal of five shorts blasts indicates ‘I am not sure of your intentions and I am concerned we are going to collide!’

Be lost in this shared act of navigating the unknown as you contemplate the uncertainty and contingencies of journeys over the sea. Audiences cast off aboard our small seagoing vessels, a perfect crucible for listening to where you are. There, amidst the changing of the tide, you experience the voyage into mystery that the water always holds.

Following its premiere in the Port of Melbourne and the lower Yarra River, Five Short Blasts has been created in collaboration with local water communities, by the same team that brought the water-themed installation Gauge to Brighton Festival 2015.

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