Past Event

Opening Night

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Five friends. Five dancers. Five relationships that can fragment and reform each opening night. Opening Night is also our closing night, and a joyous way to bring this year’s Festival dance programme to an end. Les Slovaks is a dance collective made up of five Slovakian friends who, since regrouping in Brussels in 2006, have sought to find themselves again and redefine their relationship through moving and thinking collectively. Remembering what was then and taking pleasure from what is now, they use improvisation and spontaneity to create breathtaking choreography that combines charm, zest and humour.

As with all close friendships, with Les Slovaks little things mean a lot: gestures, glances and nuances are enough to unleash their physical creativity, allowing them to form and adapt their choreography in the moment. The result is a brand of movement rooted in shared experience and understanding. And with every performance created anew, each night is opening night.

Co-programmed in partnership with South East Dance