Past Event


Sat 1 Feb 2014

This new work from Vanishing Point explores what it is to grow old and be cared for, in a world where myth and spirituality have been subsumed by what we all know to be true - that we are born, we live and we die.

Using its distinctive visual imagination, Vanishing Point explores this subject through the dreamlike scenario of a young man who suddenly finds himself in an alarmingly unfamiliar place. A place where everyone seems to know him and where strange rules apply. Where everyone seems to have his best interests at heart, but he is not at liberty to leave.

A major international co-production, Tomorrow is a striking meditation on growing old, dementia, needing care and needing to care.

As those who saw Interiors at Brighton Festival 2012 will know, Vanishing Point has a reputation for subverting reality and making the ordinary extraordinary. Its unflinching new production brings together an international, multi-age cast to ponder how we deal with old age now and in the future.