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Much Ado About Nothing

Sat 1 Feb 2014

Claudio loves Hero and Hero loves Claudio, and it seems that nothing will keep them apart. Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice loves Benedick, and it seems that nothing will bring them together. Until, that is, plots and scheming turn things upside down, with reputations and lives at stake…

Its irresistible blend of comedy, romance and drama makes Much Ado About Nothing one of Shakespeare’s most captivating plays, and in the bickering, bantering characters Beatrice and Benedick it presents one of the most beguiling of all romances. Performed on an Elizabethan-style stage in the tranquil open-air setting of the St Nicholas Rest Garden, Max Webster’s production continues the Shakespeare’s Globe’s much-loved presence at Brighton Festival. The Globe provides the joy, the pathos and the thrill; you can bring the picnic.