Past Event

Creation (Pictures for Dorian)

Mon 12 Feb 2018

Lyn Gardner of The Guardian reviews the opening night of Creation (Pictures for Dorian) at Brighton Festival
**** 'a woozily beautiful meditation on intention, perception, what we see and what remains invisible'

Creation is the realm of gods and artists, who create beauty through sheer will and their own bare hands. But who decides what is beautiful?

Creation (Pictures for Dorian) is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s iconic character Dorian Gray, who remains eternally youthful at a terrible cost to his soul. There’s probably a little bit of Dorian in all of us. Joined onstage by older and younger local performers, Gob Squad peeps behind the vanity mirror to question beauty, morality and power - and ask why we so crave the eye of the beholder.

British/German arts collective Gob Squad have performed all over the world for 25 years. Now middle-aged, they have no desire to exit the stage just yet.

Read more about the local performers who have worked with the company and become part of the show

'Gob Squad use the whole world (or as much of it as they can find) as their canvas, and everyone in it as a potential participant' Guardian
‘Gob Squad virigns, please stop reading now, and go get your tickets!’ Time Out 
'Gob Squad (are) the one company of whom I'm a fan first, and a critic second. They're more like a band than almost any other theatre company.' Matt Trueman,