The New Dystopians Joanne Ramos & Season Butler at Brighton Festival
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The New Dystopians

Tue 5 Feb 2019

'We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness.’ 1984 (George Orwell) 

Daily claims of ‘fake news’ suggest that old dystopias, of the kind George Orwell cannily describes in his iconic novel 1984, have become the new normal. What, then, does a new dystopia look like? Two hugely anticipated debut novels – Cygnet by Season Butler and The Farm by Joanne Ramos – give us a glimpse of what unsettling futures might await us in an age of easy travel and endlessly accessible technology. Come and hear directly from the New Dystopians.

This event is chaired by Sarah Ozo-Irabor, co-host of the No. 1 iTunes literature podcast, Not Another Book Podcast.