Newtoy - Wet Sounds at Brighton Festival
Past Event
Visual Arts

Wet Sounds

Tue 5 Feb 2019

Deep listening and a swimsuit is all you need. Come and be a part of this extraordinary surround sound installation that reimagines what a public pool can be. Wet Sounds uses you (the swimmer), lighting and abstract electronica (pumped through underwater and overwater speakers) to create an inimitable sound splash! This unique event playfully takes advantage of the physics of water: as sound travels more than four times faster underwater, and the water surface creates a sound barrier, two different sonic spheres are created in the pool hall to create a brilliantly original soundscape, allowing each swimmer to direct the music in a freeing, surreal and relaxing experience. 

Artist Talk 
Newtoy creates a range of Experiential Art projects that encourage individuals to interact with their environments in new and surprising ways. Discover a fascinating insight into the work of this extraordinary company, which creates work all over the world, from its creator Joel Cahen