Past Event

Louder than Words

Fri 20 Feb 2015

Part of the Without Walls Weekend

Sun 3 May, 12 noon - 5pm, Woodingdean Central Park
Mon 4 May, 12 noon - 5pm, Saltdean Oval

Join us from 12 noon each day for a packed afternoon of all these new and exciting outdoors shows. Bring a picnic and the family.

In this brand new, explosive and dynamic work, two dancers compete, test and outdo each other while being challenged by the multiple instruments and percussion played live alongside them. As the powerful, beat-heavy sound intensifies, all the performers are drawn into a competition between movement and music, striving to outshine each other in a vigorous and vibrant display.

Winner of the London Dance Award in 2012, Cathy Waller creates intensely physical works that show contemporary dance with underlying influences from hip hop and capoeira. Hers is an exhilarating brand of performance, in which movement and live music push each other to the outer boundaries of excitement and intricacy.