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Visual Arts

Portraits in Motion

Wed 10 Feb 2016

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Winner of the Total Theatre Award for Innovation and Playing with Form
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

An intrepid traveller and passionate creator of photographic flipbooks, Volker Gerling has walked over 3,500km throughout Germany since 2003, creating flipbook portraits of the people he meets along the way.

'In my flipbooks, I am interested in the gaps between the images and everything that gets lost when you leaf through them quickly, and when I am walking I am interested in the gaps between the cities that you would normally speedily cover by car, train or plane. I am interested in what happens by the wayside; whatever you can never see when you travel quickly. I am interested in the people I meet when I am on my way. What are their lives like? What is important for them? What stories do they tell me, the stranger? How do the people in all the different towns, gardens and villages I pass through react to my art?'

Using a video camera projected onto a large screen, Gerling will bring to life a selection of his favourite subjects, while sharing the heart-warming stories behind each encounter. 

'an oddity and a revelation' Financial Times
'his show is uniquely heart-warming' The Scotsman

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The audience reaction to Portraits in Motion...