The Storytelling Army at Brighton Festival
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Spoken Word

The Storytelling Army - Queens Park

Tue 5 Feb 2019

Created in 2017 by nabokov to fulfil Kate Tempest's vision of a more inclusive Brighton Festival, The Storytelling Army returns with more tales to tell. For 2019, the theme is food and flavours that people have experienced; stories of where they come from; places they have been; or the places they dream to taste. Join people from all walks of life in an intimate setting – outdoors in a Brighton park or indoors at Worthing overlooking the beach – to enjoy a simple meal together and hear their stories. 

nabokov will run a of series of community workshops with Cascade Creative Recovery and AudioActive (along with local musicians, poets, storytellers and the Kitchen Academy) to encourage participants to create and tell their own stories. Whether sung with live music or simply spoken, you will hear recollections of plight, grief, happiness, joy and perseverance. 

Also taking place at Queens Park on the same day is Ghost Caribou by Thingumajig Theatre and Museum of the Moon by Luke Jerram - a fantastic opportunity to see all three festival works in once space.

The Storytelling Army is also showing on Sun 19 May (4pm) at Worthing Pavilion Café Bar